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Zimbabwe Imports Modified Corn

Zimbabwe has lifted its ban on importing genetically modified corn, as the country tries to stave off famine, Bloomberg reports.

It adds that Zimbabwe is importing genetically modified corn from South Africa, but is taking steps to ensure that it does not enter national seed stock. The corn is being quarantined and milled into cornmeal, which is then used to make sadza, a staple food in the country that is in short supply, Bloomberg adds.

"Government weighs its position on genetically modified corn against the nutritional needs of the nation and proceeds guided by that assessment," Nick Mangwana, a government spokesperson, tells Bloomberg. It notes that Mangwana did not say that the ban on genetically modified corn had been lifted.

Zimbabwe is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years as well as economic collapse, Bloomberg reports. It adds that the country's corn harvest is expected to be much lower than usual, with an estimated supply deficit ranging between 800,000 tons and 1 million tons.