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Top 10 Articles on GenomeWeb in 2019: Illumina, 23andMe, Helix, Qiagen, Bio-Rad, More

NEW YORK – What articles garnered the most interest from GenomeWeb readers in the past year? Sequencing stalwart Illumina dominated the headlines with news about layoffs, insider trading, patent battles, and its beleaguered and still-pending acquisition of Pacific Biosciences. Readers were also very interested in the reported performance of 23andMe's breast and ovarian risk cancer test, and Qiagen's announcement that it was fielding acquisition offers, a potential strategy it has since shelved. Here are the top 10 for 2019:

1)   Illumina to Lay Off 58 Employees

2)   23andMe DTC Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk Test Misses Almost 90 Percent of BRCA Mutation Carriers

3)   Former Illumina Accountant Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

4)   Oxford Nanopore Rejects Illumina's Expanded IP Offer, Suggests NovaSeq Divestiture

5)   Helix Reduces Workforce, Closes Offices Amid Strategic Shift

6)   Qiagen Says It Is Fielding Acquisition Offers

7)   Court Grants Bio-Rad Permanent Injunction Against 10x Genomics

8)   Illumina Proposes Opening PacBio IP to Competitors to Save Acquisition Deal

9)   Illumina Sues BGI in Germany for Patent Infringement

10)  Bio-Rad Shares Dip Following Cyber Attack