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synthetic genomics

Synthetic Genomics funded the work by Craig Venter that resulted in the first functional bacterial cells controlled by a synthetic genome.

Life Tech now owns 74 percent of the synthetic gene company.

President Obama has tasked his bioethics commission with reviewing the implications of JCVI's breakthrough in synthetic biology.

Researchers from the J. Craig Venter Institute reported today that they have transplanted a synthetic Mycoplasma mycoides genome into an M. capricolum cell and successfully "booted up" recipient cells.



Joel McComb, Ulf Jönsson

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Susan Kelly Barnes, Brian McKelligon, Nader Pourmand, Joel McComb

Synthetic Genomics will develop new algae and scale-up technologies for the oil company's R&D programs.

The VC firm already has invested in BioTrove and Synthetic Genomics.


The Hill reports President Donald Trump issued an executive directing federal agencies to cut the number of board and advisory committees they have.

The New York Times reports that researchers are combining tools to more quickly develop crops to feed a growing population and cope with shifting climates.

Scientists in Canada are looking to the UK's plan to sequence children with rare conditions for inspiration, the National Post reports.

In PNAS this week: copy number changes arose during polar bear evolution, genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the Siberian hamster, and more.