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synthetic biology

Twist said it will use Genome Compiler's technology and expertise to build a portfolio of digital products, including a suite of gene design products.

Cell By Design

Researchers have developed a programming language to design computational circuits for living cells.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based DNA manufacturer is looking to max out its production capacity, which works best at high volume and throughput.

Craig Venter and his colleagues develop a minimal bacterial genome of 473 genes, though the function of a third of those genes is unknown.

Cell Manufacturing

Synthetic biology may open up a number of manufacturing possibilities, but there are still obstacles to overcome, according to Nature News.

The deal is the latest partnership to provide exposure for Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Gen9's BioFab gene synthesis platform.

Make What You Want

Wired examines Twist Bioscience's approach to synthesizing DNA.

The startup bioinformatics firm has integrated its algorithms with Gen9's synthetic DNA manufacturing process and is expanding its digital lab notebook.

Sorting out which agency regulates what synthetic biology creation is a source of confusion for the field, a new report says.

The Foundry is developing genetic engineering technology that can be applied on a scale not possible with current methods.


Researchers find that many cancer drugs in development don't work quite how their developers thought they did, as Discover's D-brief blog reports.

CBS This Morning highlights recent Medicare fraud involving offers of genetic testing.

Mariya Gabriel, a Bulgarian politician, is to be the next European Union research commissioner, according to Science.

In Science this week: a survey indicates that US adults are more likely to support the agricultural use of gene drives if they target non-native species and if they are limited, and more.