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synthetic biology

The company will use an SBIR grant to optimize its gene optimization algorithms for use in mammalian protein production.

Agarigen has developed a novel, mushroom-based expression platform for the rapid, high-yield production of recombinant proteins.

According to the university, the new institute will focus on bringing together cell biologists with engineers for the discovery of systems and design principles uniting living and synthetic materials at the nano-scale.

The firm is seeking to raise as much as $50 million in the current funding round.

The team is currently seeking investors and partners in order to spin out a new company and set up a facility for the gene synthesis service, which it believes it could begin offering within the next one to two years at a price of 6 to 9 cents per base pair.

The President's science advisory council today heard from a leader of Obama's bioethics commission on its synthetic biology recommendations.

Using genetic sequences not documented in nature, a Princeton University research team has developed synthetic proteins that can replace the function of some natural proteins in Escherichia coli.

Industry experts said that further consolidation in the field and a continued strategy by companies to diversify their end markets should translate to more deals in the year ahead.

A new Obama Administration report on synthetic biology calls for measured studies of the field and ongoing reviews, but no new regulations at this time.

The software, called GenoTHREAT, is intended to help gene synthesis companies and their customers detect the possible use of manufactured DNA as a bioterrorism agent.


The New York City Police Department will be removing DNA profiles from a local database if they are from people who were never convicted of a crime, the New York Times reports.

Science reports that accusations of sexual assault against a microbiome researcher has also led to questions about his academic certifications.

Wired reports that researchers are analyzing the DNA fish leave behind in water to study their populations.

In Science this week: comprehensive cellular map of the human thymus, evidence of admixture between the ancestors of Neanderthals and Denisovan and a 'superarchaic' population.