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synthetic biology

Industry experts said that further consolidation in the field and a continued strategy by companies to diversify their end markets should translate to more deals in the year ahead.

A new Obama Administration report on synthetic biology calls for measured studies of the field and ongoing reviews, but no new regulations at this time.

The software, called GenoTHREAT, is intended to help gene synthesis companies and their customers detect the possible use of manufactured DNA as a bioterrorism agent.

President Obama's bioethics commission will produce a report on what role the government should take in spurring science and maintaining safety in synthetic biology.

A report on public and stakeholder opinion finds citizens excited and worried about synthetic biology but wanting the field to progress with appropriate safeguards and oversight.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce asked questions of Craig Venter, Anthony Fauci, and others as it sought explanations of the technology and discussed ethical implications and oversight of the burgeoning field.

Contestants in GenoCon will computationally redesign the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana so that it can eliminate and detoxify airborne formaldehyde.

The BBSRC and EPSRC have granted over $2 million to support synthetic biology projects involving UK/Europe collaborations.

The Keck Futures Initiative awards are providing up to $100,000 to scientists and to new programs seeking to find new applications for synthetic biology, and to review its role in the future of bioscience.

The agreement gives Applied Biosystems Deutschland approximately 58 percent of GeneArt's shares.


NPR says the explosion and fire earlier this week at a Russian lab that stores dangerous pathogens revives the question of whether such samples should be kept.

According to Wired, Nebula Genomics is providing a way for people to get their genomes sequenced anonymously.

A 26-year-old woman tells Cosmopolitan about learning her APOE status at a young age.

In Science journals this week: a functional genomic screen uncovers drug combination that increases KRAS inhibitor efficacy in aggressive lung cancer, and more.