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single-cell sequencing

In Cell this week: single-cell RNA sequencing study of immune cells, killifish genome characterization, and more.

The company launched the BD FACSseq flow cytometer and BD Precise Assays for high-throughput single-cell gene-expression analysis studies at the ASHG annual meeting.

Whole-genome sequencing of 36 neurons identified thousands of SNVs and enabled researchers to piece together the cells' lineage. 

The unique stem cells may be the key to understanding how the primate brain grew and expanded during evolution. 

In a study published in Science, the researchers compared single-cell RNA-seq profiles of prostate cancer patients that failed therapy to untreated patients.

BD plans to pair Cellular Research's highly multiplexed gene expression technology with its flow cytometry platforms.

MD Anderson Cancer Center's Nicholas Navin receives an award from AAAS recognizing his single-cell sequencing efforts.

Qiagen believes it has gained access to a relatively simple and inexpensive technology to bolster its offerings in the growing single-cell molecular biology market.

ProDeGe combines homology- and sequence composition-based methods to automatically identify and remove likely contaminants in single-cell sequence data.

Both groups are making their detailed protocols available to researchers online.


Researchers have developed a robotic lab assistant, the Verge reports.

CBC News reports Canada's Supreme Court is to rule on the constitutionality of the country's genetic non-discrimination law today.

The Associated Press reports the World Health Organization is sending experts to China to investigate the animal source of SARS-CoV-2.

In Science this week: atlas of affected cell populations in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and more.