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single-cell analysis

BD plans to launch a cell sorter for the genomics market over the next six months and to release an automated NGS library prep system in early 2016.

BD plans to pair Cellular Research's highly multiplexed gene expression technology with its flow cytometry platforms.

The company also significantly reduced its full-year 2015 revenue guidance, and noted that it has initiated organizational changes to address underlying issues.

Qiagen believes it has gained access to a relatively simple and inexpensive technology to bolster its offerings in the growing single-cell molecular biology market.

The company continues to expect its single-cell analysis platform will launch by year-end.

In Nature this week: genomic imprinting maps, spatial origin of cells, and more.

Using a multiplexed PCR approach, researchers measured mutations in two commonly altered genes to characterize AML sub-clone complexity.

The firm said that product revenues in Q4 2014 were up more than fourfold year over year, while license and royalty revenues were flat. 

Equipped with single-cell research technologies from Fluidigm, the center will operate in three nodes.

The grants will fund projects to create new technologies, validate and refine existing ones, and add single-cell components to existing projects. 


Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine and Deloitte are looking into the use of drones to transport samples for testing. 

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing firm 23andMe is laying off about 100 people.

Researchers from Northwestern University examined dust for antibiotic-resistance genes, New Scientist reports. 

In Science this week: researchers present a computational method for predicting cellular differentiation state from single-cell RNA sequencing data, and more.