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The clinical laboratory has designed a hereditary cancer risk gene panel capable of detecting both SNVs and CNVs without requiring an orthogonal validation test. 

The panel will be offered out of JAX Genomic Medicine's CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab and will support Jackson's Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative.

A study by researchers in Austria suggests read depth patterns upstream of transcription start sites can provide clues to gene expression.

Researchers from the University of Laval demonstrated the advantages and trade-offs of a handful of genotyping-by-sequencing pipelines. 

The company is also developing a next-generation sequencing product that may be applied at the point of need to test for bloodstream infections and later as a liquid biopsy for cancer.

Apparatus and method for biologic sample rapid collection and recovery device, and convenient storage
Methods and compositions for determining nucleic acid degradation
Method of amplifying nucleic acid sequences
Methods and compositions for sequence-specific purification and multiplex analysis of nucleic acids
Method for genetic identification of unknown organisms

In PLOS this week: genetic factors associated with facial features, a new mutation that makes individuals more prone to Brugada syndrome, and more.

Nutrigenomic companies offer gene-based diet advice, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Researchers have found a new kind of virus — one that starts out broken up into five parts.

Nature News explores the president's "science legacy."

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This webinar will discuss a customized protocol for RNA sequencing that was developed enable focused RNAseq analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsies for biomarker discovery in prostate cancer.