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The researchers plan to use their method to study neural transmission in disease and will also offer the technique as a service for other neuroscience labs.

This is a black snub-nosed monkey.

Researchers performed whole-genome sequencing and built phylogenetic trees to elucidate the biology of this mountain tree-dwelling species.

The investment bank, which also set a 12-month price target of $5 for the company's shares, said it anticipates a growing footprint for the HTG EdgeSeq system.

The Center of Individualized Diagnostic aims to bring genomic-based cancer diagnostics to Saudi Arabia.

The deal is still subject to other closing requirements including meeting a minimum tender condition.   

High-throughput single-cell imaging, sorting, and isolation
Calibrations and controls for droplet-based assays
Biochip and target DNA quantitative method
Method of sequencing nucleic acid colonies formed on a surface by re-seeding
Delaying real-time sequencing
Alternative nucleotide flows in sequencing-by-synthesis methods

Being born premature shouldn't mean infants with high blood sugar levels don't undergo genetic testing for neonatal diabetes, a study in Pediatrics says.

In Cell this week: phosphoproteomic patterns in prostate cancer, effect of gene expression on fitness in yeast, and more.

Scripps Research Institute investigators peer back at the RNA world.

In PNAS this week: chromosome instability in S. cerevisiae, structural differences and sequence divergence in rice, and more.

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This webinar will discuss a customized protocol for RNA sequencing that was developed enable focused RNAseq analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsies for biomarker discovery in prostate cancer.