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The next step to sequencing organisms found on the ISS or in space is to automate sample and library prep, according to a NASA microbiologist.

The partners plan to improve yields from small input samples and provide better sequencing libraries.

The service combines PathoQuest's proprietary curated virus database with an automatic analysis pipeline to identify viral contaminants in biological products.

The startup, which was founded by Harvard's George Church, plans to commercialize a sequencing technology that is also able to map RNAs in 3D. 

In an amended draft policy on comprehensive genomic profiling, Palmetto said that approved registries will have to commit to sharing data, among other requirements. 

Prediction device, prediction method, program, and recording medium
Nanopore capture system
Direct quantitative PCR absent groove binders
Method for detecting and quantifying wheat endogenous gene
Methods and compositions for nucleic acid sequencing
Methods and compositions for the extraction and amplification of nucleic acid from a sample

In Nature this week: genetic link between birth weight and adult-onset diseases, and more.

Even with all the current enthusiasm for gene therapies, Tech Review cautions that they are mostly in the early stages of development.

DNA phenotyping puts a potential face to a suspect in a nearly 25-year-old murder, the AP reports.

Researchers discuss the need for antibody standards at a meeting, NPR reports.

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