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Illumina reported total second quarter 2016 revenues of $600.1 million, beating analysts' average estimate of $593.1 million. 

A group from the University of Minnesota found that quantitative and qualitative errors in NGS library prep could be eliminated by changing four parameters in a common workflow.

The health system plans to incorporate a genomics risk score based on the evaluation of 300 SNPs in deciding whether patients are at a high risk for cancer.

Researchers designed software for the MinIon that enables targeted sequencing without target capture or enrichment.

The researchers particularly highlighted C21orf2 and NEK1, which are involved in cilial and mitochondrial function.

Microfluidic systems and networks
Method and kit for detection of microorganism
Herbicide tolerant cotton plants and methods for identifying same
Allele-specific sequence variation analysis
Polynucleotide amplification
Method for the synthesis of phosphorous atom modified nucleic acids

In PNAS this week: map of UV-induced damage in yeast genome, comparative epigenomics uncovers plant lacking key DNA methyltransferase enzyme, and more.

Researchers kick off their second Queer in STEM survey to examine what can make STEM careers welcoming, Wired reports.

A startup company is offering a test to analyze soil samples from farms for pathogens.

Prosecutors seek to introduce evidence from low-template DNA analysis in a murder case in upstate New York, the New York Times reports.

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This webinar will discuss a customized protocol for RNA sequencing that was developed enable focused RNAseq analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsies for biomarker discovery in prostate cancer.