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Sequencing Technology

Yakutian horse

Horses in the Siberian Far East appear to have been introduced by the Yakut population within the last several hundred years, adapting to the environment since then.

The Netherlands is considering whether and how to implement NIPT and researchers have applied for a license to study NIPT in average risk pregnancies. 

A team of researchers in China has sequenced the gecko genome, gaining insight into some of its behavioral and physiological traits.

The company said the draw down is to provide working capital to use on a temporary basis.

A new draft genome sequence for the tardigrade, or water bear, suggests more than 17 percent of the organism's genes were acquired through horizontal gene transfer.

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In PNAS this week: genome sequencing study of Yakutian horses, tardigrade genome, and more.

A guest post at Retraction Watch discusses what funders can do to improve research reproducibility.

Researchers report in Nature this week that farming led to genomic adaptations in humans.

The FDA argues that it needs to evaluate the safety and efficacy of laboratory-developed tests, a proposal that divides Republicans.