Sequencing Technology

The researchers used multiple sequencing technologies, library preparations, assembly methods, and genome mapping tools toward creating a reference diploid genome. 

Sequencing on samples from individuals in a previously uncontacted Venezuelan tribe pointed to extraordinarily diverse gut and skin microbiomes.

Advances in genetic technologies are paving the way to elucidate the pathophysiology of autism, according to an article in  Lancet Neurology.

Researchers used an approach called tensor generalized singular value decomposition to find prognostic copy number changes in TCGA data for ovarian cancer patients.

The two-year grant is worth $350,000 in its first year.

Use of class IIB restriction endonucleases in [second-generation] sequencing applications
Articles having localized molecules disposed thereon and methods of producing same
Integrated nanowire/nanosheet nanogap and nanopore for DNA and RNA sequencing
DNA analysis apparatus
Methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Deducing exon connectivity by RNA-templated DNA ligation/sequencing

In Science this week: measles virus nucleocapsid structure, and more.

African and US health officials work to establish an Africa-wide Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nature has retracted a 2002 epigenetics paper for image manipulation.

The World Health Organization calls for the public release of clinical trial results within a year of the completion of data collection.

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This online seminar will demonstrate how RNA-seq analysis in a model organism can provide insights into human disease.