Sequencing Technology

10X Genomics' GemCode platform

Several early-access customers presented results from the 10X technology at the meeting.

Human Longevity and Macrogen plan to use PacBio to create reference genomes, while Cold Spring Harbor is building a reference grade cancer genome. 


Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the hookworm genome revealed timing of gene expression throughout its parasitic lifecycle.

By sequencing SNPs in 69 ancient individuals, researchers genetically re-created European population patterns stretching back thousands of years.

NeoPrep combines electrowetting technology that Illumina acquired when it purchased Advanced Liquid Logic in 2013 with microfluidics.

Detection device and methods of use
Nano-fluidic field effective device to control DNA transport through the same
Purified extended polymerase/template complex for sequencing
Integrated sensor arrays for biological and chemical analysis
Restriction enzyme-based whole genome sequencing
Genomic selection and sequencing using encoded microcarriers

In PLOS this week: new gene linked to ocular coloboma, new statistical model for interrogating gene expression networks, and more.

With a new collection, PLOS highlights negative results it has published.

A pair of researchers examines political leanings and views on genomics, finding more of a role for optimism and pessimism in people's views.

The genome of the carnivorous bladderwort is smaller than many other plant genomes, but it still holds on to important genes.