Sequencing Technology

A team of researchers has characterized the genomic diversity of the human cytomegalovirus and uncovered potential therapeutic targets.

Researchers identified a haplotype in the SNCA gene associated with heightened risk of Lewy body AD using a bioinformatics algorithm and phased sequencing.

The $180 million offering is well above the firm's initial target for proceeds of $100 million.

The statement touches on issues such as the reporting of secondary findings, adult-onset conditions, incest, and non-paternity results.

Using genome sequences from two woolly mammoths and three Asian elephants, researchers narrowed in on derived alleles with potential roles in woolly mammoth traits and adaptations.

Method of determining clonotypes and clonotype profiles
Method for sequencing RNA by in-source decay using matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometer
Methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Strategies for high-throughput identification and detection of polymorphisms
Methods and compositions for incorporating nucleotides
Method for sequencing a polynucleotide template

In PLOS this week: oral microbiomes of dogs and their owners, Plasmodium vivax population structure, and more.

The American Society of Human Genetics has issued a position statement on genetic testing of children.

The White House seeks to update how biotechnology products are regulated.

Team science leads some researchers to get lost in the shuffle, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

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This online seminar will outline a recent example of the use of molecular barcoding in combination with next-generation sequencing to detect somatic mosaicism in cancer patients.