Sequencing Technology

An international team of researchers has sequenced the wheat pathogen Mayetiola destructor to find a large repertoire of effector genes that may help it infect plants.

Baylor's clinical exome enhances coverage of over 3,600 genes and the lab has also validated Illumina's HiSeq X Ten for its research pipeline.

At AGBT, the firm discussed the launch of the Proton PII chip, an update of the PI chip, and sample prep improvements.

The Singapore-based molecular diagnostics firm continues to operate under court supervision while its finances get sorted out. 

An international team has sequenced the genome of the Tibetan Plateau frog  to help elucidate tetrapod evolution and high-altitude adaptation.

DNA sequencing and amplification systems using nanoscale field effect sensor arrays
Methods for sequencing a polynucleotide template
Detection device and methods of use
Nano-fluidic field effective device to control DNA transport through the same
Purified extended polymerase/template complex for sequencing
Integrated sensor arrays for biological and chemical analysis

The US Supreme Court has declined to review a decision involving the use of "inadvertently shed" DNA in a police investigation and subsequent conviction.

A panel at the New York Times discusses anonymity and privacy of users of 23andMe's services when access to its database is offered for research.

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins appears before a House subcommittee to discuss his agency's budget request.

In PNAS this week: Akt3 amplification in glioma progression, Tibetan Plateau frog genome, and more.