Sequencing Technology

JGI is working to develop technologies around the front and back ends of NGS, and sees rising interest in synthetic biology. 

The partners will work to establish Centrum Badan as the preferred testing partner for the NGS-based test in Poland, which had 376,000 live births last year.

The NextSeq CN500 sequencer was developed in collaboration with Illumina to offer clinical non-invasive prenatal testing for the Chinese market.

Metagenomic tools are shedding light on how microbes survive in and contribute to environments ranging from wetlands to natural oil seepage sites, according to presentations at this year's ABRF meeting.

Funding for the new model for facilitating basic and translational genomic science in the country will be matched by public and private donors to create 10 research "nodes."

Diagnosing fetal chromosomal aneuploidy using massively parallel genomic sequencing
Photocleavable labeled nucleotides and nucleosides and methods for their use in DNA sequencing
Methods and systems for electronic sequencing
Method and system for determining the accuracy of DNA base identifications
Integrated carbon nanotube field effect transistor and nanochannel for sequencing

In PNAS this week: rare variants linked to bleeding disorder, comparison of whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing, and more.

George Church tells The Sunday Times that his group has inserted some woolly mammoth genes into elephant cells.

A Scientific Reports editor resigns over a new policy at the journal allowing researchers to pay to fast track the peer review of their manuscripts, and poll.

The National Cancer Institute's Harold Varmus discusses the state of cancer research with the New York Times.

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This live online seminar will highlight recent trends in applying next-generation sequencing in the clinical setting, with a particular focus on oncology and rare disease.