Sequencing Technology

Two groups reported on methods to sequence and assemble the cotton genome, identifying genes related to fiber development and stress tolerance.

Researchers from the US and Italy identified relapse-related methylation profiles in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma tumors taken at diagnosis and relapse.

Paradigm will supply its PCDx genomic and proteomic cancer test to Translational Drug Development's affiliated oncology provider network.

Researchers will analyze tumor samples via NGS to try and identify genomic alterations that explain patients' drug response. 

The researchers used multiple sequencing technologies, library preparations, assembly methods, and genome mapping tools toward creating a reference diploid genome. 

Use of class IIB restriction endonucleases in [second-generation] sequencing applications
Articles having localized molecules disposed thereon and methods of producing same
Integrated nanowire/nanosheet nanogap and nanopore for DNA and RNA sequencing
DNA analysis apparatus
Methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Deducing exon connectivity by RNA-templated DNA ligation/sequencing

In PLOS this week: GWAS links gene to noise-induced hearing loss in mice, population genetics of malaria parasites, and more.

Nautilus' Alexandra Ossola examines how Tay-Sachs disease jump-started the genetic disease testing field.

FASEB says guidelines proposed by the NIH to bolster research reproducibility are premature and don't take the full range of scientific studies into consideration.

Liquid biopsies and DNA tests may be able to tell physicians whether a cancer patient is relapsing, the New York Times reports.

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This online seminar will demonstrate how RNA-seq analysis in a model organism can provide insights into human disease.