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Sequencing Technology

Researchers saw an 'incremental clinical benefit' from analyzing 180 genes in the exomes of hundreds of individuals from families affected by breast or ovarian cancer.

Researchers examined virulence, resistance, and transmission patterns in genome sequence data for more than 300 invasive Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Europe.

The metagenomic analysis of a dozen individuals further revealed they each had a unique microbial signature that was highly specific to each of them.

ISS astronauts will soon begin testing the Oxford Nanopore MinIon and two PCR platforms while researchers on Earth continue to evaluate microarrays for use in space.

Sequenom's first quarter revenues dropped and the company ran fewer tests as more laboratories licensed the rights to develop their own NIPTs. 

Automated analyzer for clinical laboratory
Multiplex amplification reaction method for determination of Campylobacter jejuni Penner/capsule type
Method for high-throughput AFLP-based polymorphism detection
Multiple tagging of individual long DNA fragments
Detection of target nucleic acid using a target hybridization and detection primer
Method for mass production of high-purity oligonucleotides