Sequencing Technology

The statement touches on issues such as the reporting of secondary findings, adult-onset conditions, incest, and non-paternity results.

Using genome sequences from two woolly mammoths and three Asian elephants, researchers narrowed in on derived alleles with potential roles in woolly mammoth traits and adaptations.

Researchers sequenced samples from hundreds of individuals with aplastic anemia to narrow in on somatic mutation and clonal evolution patterns in the disease.

Sigma-Aldrich has been developing reagents for the Genius platform for about a year.

The firm is developing new applications for the technology, including one that will integrate targeted panels and copy number analysis into a single assay.

Methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Strategies for high-throughput identification and detection of polymorphisms
Methods and compositions for incorporating nucleotides
Method for sequencing a polynucleotide template
Nanopore sequencing using ratiometric impedance
End modification to prevent over-representation of fragments

In Nature this week: association between genome-wide homozygosity and traits like height and cognitive ability, improved CRISPR-Cas9 editing, and more.

A survey examines how age, political leanings, and more influence how Americans view certain scientific topics, the Associated Press reports.

A researcher who pleaded guilty to making false statements in research reports has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison and must pay $7.2 million back to the NIH.

The BabySeq project to study the risks and benefits of sequencing newborns is underway.

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This online seminar will outline a recent example of the use of molecular barcoding in combination with next-generation sequencing to detect somatic mosaicism in cancer patients.