Sequencing Technology

NIH said it will provide funding to already-funded projects that can incorporate the data-management infrastructures to help evaluate them and guide their development.

The oral and gut microbiomes of people with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from dysbiosis, which is partially normalized after treatment, according to metagenomic studies.

The bank said Natera's SNP-based NIPT technology would give it an advantage as it seeks to gain share in the average-risk pregnancy market. 

NicheVision will distribute Battelle's ExactID to law enforcement, government, and commercial entities.

The lab has partnered with both WaferGen and Fluidigm to improve throughput for the barcode sequencing protocol it has developed for transcriptome profiling.

Methods for treating infection involving identification of a carbapanemase gene
Artificial DNA sequence with optimized leader function in 5' (5'-UTR) for the improved expression of heterologous proteins in plants
Methods and compositions for amplification of nucleic acids
Method of SNP detection using gene detection technique in bead-based microfluidics
High throughput screening using combinatorial sequence barcodes
Detection of nucleic acids and proteins