Sequencing Technology

The technology will allow scientists or clinicians to load crude blood sample and generate DNA sequencing libraries in a fully automated workflow.

SeraCare is licensing UCSF's T21, T18, and T13 trophoblast cell line materials to develop NIPT reference materials.

The NGS panel looks for mutations in KRAS, BRAF, EGFR, ROS1, and ALK and will be available through Admera's sales partner Rosetta Genomics. 

The deal allows Floragenex to extend its SBG service offerings to include double digest RAD-Seq in non-commercial and academic research across all species.

The project aims to sequence nine different taxa of cultivated potato and one closely-related wild species to facilitate the production of improved varieties of the crop.

Methods for treating infection involving identification of a carbapanemase gene
Artificial DNA sequence with optimized leader function in 5' (5'-UTR) for the improved expression of heterologous proteins in plants
Methods and compositions for amplification of nucleic acids
Method of SNP detection using gene detection technique in bead-based microfluidics
High throughput screening using combinatorial sequence barcodes
Detection of nucleic acids and proteins