Sequencing Technology

By sequencing the exomes of breast cancer patients from founder populations, researchers have uncovered a novel breast cancer susceptibility gene.

The institute is offering whole-genome sequencing starting at $2,800, which includes the sequencing and initial interpretation. 

The deal will allow LifeLabs to perform Natera's Panorama NIPT in Canada and follows a prior agreement for LifeLabs to distribute the test in that country.

The microbial genetics analysis firm said in an SEC document that it plans to offer between 2.5 million units of stock and warrants at between $5.50 and $6.50 per unit. 

Researchers sequenced the European buff-tailed bumblebee and North American common eastern bumblebee, comparing the genomes with other bee sequences.

Methods and apparatus for single-molecule sequencing using energy transfer detection
Integrated analytical system and method
Chemically-sensitive field effect transistor based pixel array with protection diodes
Nanopore sequencing using charge blockade labels
Asynchronous sequencing of biological polymers
Detection of methylated DNA

Differences in DNA methylation could be used to distinguish between DNA samples obtained from identical twins, researchers say.

A retrovirus that's been integrated into the human genome appears to have a role in embryonic development, researchers report.

A report from MIT identifies areas of scientific research where declining research support is hindering needed advances.

In PLOS this week: phylogenetic study of hepatitis E viruses in Swedish moose, recombination sites in the honeybee genome, and more.

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This online seminar will demonstrate how RNA-seq analysis in a model organism can provide insights into human disease.