Sequencing Technology

NeoPrep combines electrowetting technology that Illumina acquired when it purchased Advanced Liquid Logic in 2013 with microfluidics.

The partners will jointly promote the BD FACS single-cell sorting instrument alongside Cellular Research's molecular bar-coding technology, Precise.

A Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute-led team reported that mutations associated with leukemia appear to be an almost inevitable part of aging.

After reporting a sharp rise in revenues this week, Foundation Medicine discussed changes ahead for the company.

A Stanford-led team of researchers combined lineage tracking and DNA sequencing to follow yeast population dynamics over time.

Detection device and methods of use
Nano-fluidic field effective device to control DNA transport through the same
Purified extended polymerase/template complex for sequencing
Integrated sensor arrays for biological and chemical analysis
Restriction enzyme-based whole genome sequencing
Genomic selection and sequencing using encoded microcarriers