Sequencing Technology

The method sequences DNA fragments cut out of the genome during excision repair, then maps them back onto the genome to find the repair location.

In upgrading PacBio's shares to Outperform, the investment bank also took note of potential new revenues from its Roche deal and possibly a new platform launch next year.

Researchers have created panels for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and to detect mutations in BCR-ABL1 gene fusions.

The panel evaluates both DNA and RNA, and is being used in the National Cancer Institute's Match trial.

Researchers profiled genetic patterns in nearly two-dozen individuals from the Kalash population, a culturally distinct group living in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Methods and apparatus for single-molecule sequencing using energy transfer detection
Integrated analytical system and method
Chemically-sensitive field effect transistor based pixel array with protection diodes
Nanopore sequencing using charge blockade labels
Asynchronous sequencing of biological polymers
Detection of methylated DNA

In Science this week: factors influencing retrotransposon integration sites, and more.

A bioethicist argues for the responsible use of germline gene editing.

Some breweries are using DNA-based testing to determine whether unwanted bacteria are affecting their beers, The Verge reports.

Standardized N-of-1 trials will be needed to test out personalized medicines, writes Nicholas Schork from the J. Craig Venter Institute at Nature.

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This online seminar will demonstrate how RNA-seq analysis in a model organism can provide insights into human disease.