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Representatives from Novartis Molecular Diagnostics and Sanofi Pasteur weighed in on the increasing use of quantitative PCR in areas such as companion diagnostic development and vaccine analytical testing at an industry meeting this week.

The combination of recently expired or soon-to-expire patents in the qPCR space, combined with recent increased financial stability in the biotech tools market, could help spur a proliferation of new PCR-based diagnostics and research tools in coming months, an expert in biotechnology patenting said at a qPCR scientific meeting held this week.

Last month the company won a similar award from DoD to develop qPCR-based assays for arbovirus pathogens.

The method permits the detection of mRNA transcripts of interest for more than 6,000 single cells in parallel per assay with high sensitivity and specificity; and has a variety of applications, including detecting replicating intracellular pathogens such as retroviruses.

The co-marketing pact builds on a licensing agreement related to the same technologies that has been in place since at least 2005 and provides an entry point for Roche in the burgeoning miRNA field.

The facility will serve as the central headquarter for operations, research, and molecular clinical lab testing.

The deal with IDT fills a particular gap for Agilent in the area of qPCR probe detection technology, a company official said.

The agreement covers Agilent's Mx3005P qPCR system and Brilliant qPCR reagents and IDT's PrimeTime qPCR assays.

Exiqon said the deal allows it to sell a fully compatible and comprehensive miRNA qPRC data-analysis solution.

The companies will incorporate a version of MultiD's GenEx qPCR analysis software into Exiqon's MiRcury Locked Nucleic Acid Universal RT microRNA PCR system.


An analysis of blood donations suggests SARS-CoV-2 was present in the US weeks earlier than thought, according to NPR.

The Guardian reports that DeepMind Technologies' AlphaFold can predict how proteins fold.

CNBC reports that a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory panel is to vote on how to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

In PNAS this week: targeting progesterone signaling in ovarian cancer, LINE-1 retrotransposition events in adenocarcinomas, and more.