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protein biomarkers

The IVD developer has licensed two protein markers for diabetes that were developed with NIH funds in partnership with Yale.

The gift will support JWCI's search for genes and proteins that can serve as biomarkers for solid-tumor cancers, and to develop new biomarker-specific blood tests for cancer.

The collaboration focuses on protein biomarkers for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Clarient plans to develop a test for diagnosting, selecting therapy, and monitoring drug response in cancer patients.

The firm will use the equity investment from the state to develop its protein biomarker technology.

The chip-based method will capture and release compounds for mass spec analysis.

The firm will use Medical Therapies' midkine patent portfolio to develop lung cancer diagnostics.

The partners will use Horizon's cell lines to identify unique protein biomarker signatures.

BD and Tyrian ended their partnership to develop a point-of-care diagnostic for active tuberculosis because of an inability to consistently detect Tyrian's lead protein biomarker in clinical samples at high enough sensitivity and specificity levels.

The company will analyze protein targets of interest using shotgun mutagenesis mapping technology to identify amino acids essential for antibody binding and to discover and characterize cancer-specific biomarkers.


Bioethicists disagree with a research team's decision to allow the return of risk results for adult-onset conditions from a newborn sequencing project, according to Reuters.

Alterations to particular gene may enable the Quechua of Peru to better tolerate high-altitude life, Ars Technica reports.

Nature News reports that additional South Korean researchers have included the names of children on scientific papers when they did not contribute to the work.

In PLOS this week: statistical approach to prioritize rare variant searches, gene expression alterations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and more.