protein arrays

Grace Bio-Labs will sell the Path slides directly from its website and through a distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich, which also distributes other Grace Bio-Labs products.

The company is marketing the service as an improvement over existing enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays, as well as existing protein array platforms.

The platform comprises synthetic oligonucleotides expressing roughly 413,000 36-residue peptides covering all open reading frames in the human genome. They are engineered for phage display and can be quantified via phage immunoprecipitation followed by next-generation sequencing.

Gentel has acquired the SilverQuant trademark from Eppendorf, which it will apply to its protein array technology platform.

Protagen will use the arrays to validate panels of biomarkers that may later be used in clinical tests for multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer.

Scienion will produce protein microarray batches of more than 1,000 arrays for Protagen for the clinical validation of biomarker panels.

Protagen will use its UniArray protein-chip platform and expertise in autoantibody research to retrospectively analyze samples from a Biogen Idec clinical trial to identify predictive and response biomarkers associated with MS therapies.

Attention to assay reproducibility and selection of appropriate intended use populations will be key to the success of proteomics-based tests, FDA staff fellow Joshua Levin suggested at a talk this week discussing the agency's review of two mock submissions for protein IVDMIAs.

Shanghai-based LightArray will now provide local researchers with protein biomarker testing based on Aushon's protein biomarker platforms.


The World Health Organization has announced the members of its gene-editing committee, according to NPR.

DARPA is working on developing algorithms that gauge the credibility of research findings, Wired reports.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends all women diagnosed with breast cancer be offered genetic testing, the Washington Post says.

In Science this week: comparison of modern, historical rabbit exomes uncovers parallel evolution after myxoma virus exposure; and more.