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population genetics

Using genotyping data for thousands of individuals, investigators identified apparent founder events for dozens of South Asian groups.

Using a combination of genome-wide association and expression quantitative trait loci approaches, investigators uncovered shared and population-specific thyroid cancer risk loci.

In Genome Biology this week: Parsi population history, genetic relationships between Sherpa and Tibetan populations, and more.

Researchers saw an over-representation of rarer variants in isolated groups when they sequenced thousands of individuals from 10 European populations.

In Science this week: click chemistry for evaluating therapies, and more.

In Nature this week: high-quality de novo assembly of the apple genome, and more.

In Nature this week: 90 ancient Egyptian mitochondrial genomes analyzed, and more.

The genome of an Eneolithic individual found in Romania contained both Western hunter-gather and Neolithic farmer components, according to the researchers.

Copy number alterations in red blood cell invasion receptor-related genes that are more common in some African populations appear to protect against severe malaria.

Core elements of the new program include integrating genomic data into electronic medical records and the establishment of a national genome center.


A New Zealand minister says the country's genetic modification laws need to be re-examined to help combat climate change, the New Zealand Herald reports.

A new analysis finds some cancers receive more nonprofit dollars than others.

An Australian mother's conviction in the deaths of her children may be re-examined after finding that two of the children carried a cardiac arrhythmia-linked gene variant.

In Science this week: comparative analysis of sex differences in mammal gene expression, and more.