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population genetics

Multinational nephrology firm Fresenius Medical Care eventually wants as many as 200,000 samples in its registry and aims to sequence 20,000 patients this year.

In Science this week: single-cell lineage tracing technique applied to study lung cancer metastasis, and more.

The African health technology company 54gene is eager for partnerships with researchers and biopharmaceutical companies alike.

In Science this week: mapping the embryonic mouse heart, and more.

Bryan Sykes Dies

Bryan Sykes, an Oxford University professor who studied genetic ancestry, has died at 73, the New York Times reports.

The bioinformatics and sequencing firm, formerly known as WuXi NextCode, will develop a population clinicogenomic database to support Emory's research.

The analysis found that Archaic Age Caribbean populations had Central and northern South American-related ancestry, and no evidence of North American-related ancestry.

The analysis further indicated ties to Lapita populations that lived on Vanuatu and Tonga, suggesting Mariana Islanders may have helped settle Polynesia.

Plans are underway to add genomics data from various Danish cohorts to the browser, which will provide greater insight into disease progression.

The program received an IDE from the FDA this summer and plans to release its first batch of genetic data to the research community late next year.


Nature News writes that viral genomic surveillance in the US faces systemic issues.

President Joe Biden is seeking an increase in federal spending, including higher budgets for the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A small, early-stage trial of a combination therapy for brain cancer reports favorable responses in two patients, according to the Guardian.

In PLOS this week: sex-stratified genome-wide association study of chronic pain, sequencing data from Indigenous Mexican groups, and more.