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phylogenetic analysis

Using morphological, molecular, and genetic data, an international research group has come up with a phylogenetic tree for flies, one of the largest insect groups.

A team of researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas at Austin have described their strategy for forensically determining the direction of HIV transmission between individuals and identifying index cases.

A group of researchers led by NYU will use a $3.8 million grant to develop and use a plant genomics and evolutionary data resource.

Danish researchers used phylogenetic and whole-genome analyses to find and begin characterizing a Propionibacterium acnes sub-population associated with acne.

Through their phylogenetic analysis of influenza A strains circulating in pigs at a Hong Kong slaughterhouse, researchers have detected viral reassortment involving the H1N1 "swine flu" virus.


According to New Scientist, GEDmatch changed its terms and conditions over the weekend to opt its users out of law enforcement searches.

The Atlantic looks into time spent pursuing gene leads generated through candidate gene studies.

A twin study uncovers evidence that genes may influence whether someone gets a dog, Martha Stewart reports.

In PNAS this week: Cdx2 cells can help regenerate heart tissue in mice following a heart attack, PIWI-interacting small RNA levels in human cancer, and more.