The test covers 22 genes in which variants are known to contribute to the effectiveness or safety of more than 340 drugs for more than 20 indications.

The effort is already bearing fruit, as the team has been able to validate several variants known to be connected with adverse drug reactions.

The two firms are offering a combined genetic disease risk and pharmacogenomic analysis that covers 49 conditions and about 220 medications.

The companies will develop a smartphone-based platform to offer molecular tests enabling the precision treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Baheal will be the primary channel partner in China for IBM's Watson for Genomics data analytics platform.

Pharmacogenomics informatics company OneOme will interpret and package data for Right 10K, a population-based PGx study in the US spearheaded by Mayo Clinic anf Baylor.

An analysis of six "Implementing Genomics in Practice" (IGNITE) consortium network projects pointed to three main challenges in implementing genomic medicine.

The study will use Admera's PGxOne Plus test, which uses next-generation sequencing technology to interrogate genes in order to predict how patients will respond to drug therapy.

The group, made up of three Rennova subsidiaries, will focus on mental and behavioral health, oncology, urology, and cardiovascular disease.

Building off a study that includes preemptive PGx test results in patients' EMRs, researchers want to make that information portable via a scannable card.


Helix customers can purchase apps that interpret different aspects of their genome, Technology Review reports.

The New York Times reports that a number of companies and research institutes are pursuing gene therapies.

Salmon with shorter telomeres survive to make the trip back to their river homes, New Scientist reports.

In PLOS this week: vaginal microbiome composition, population patterns of Chagas-carrying Rhodnius ecuadoriensis, and more.