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It is the first FDA-approved test for the stem cell transplant use case and meets the WHO International Standard for comparable results.

The company currently offers target amplification assays for diagnostic use and clinical research that are based on a proprietary multiplex PCR technology.

The firm recently made strategic hires with commercialization experience in anticipation of bringing its handheld point-of-care device to market. 

With the conditional approval, Rosetta can now market its assays to test for key mutations in lung, colon, and melanoma cancers in New York State.

Altona has validated the test on various PCR platforms, and it is now authorized for use as a molecular diagnostic on patient samples. 

Method for the diagnosis of a carcinoma and uses thereof
Reaction mixtures for quantitative amplification and detection over a wide dynamic range
Arrangement for determining the concentration of nucleic acids
Genetic analyzer
Nucleic acid production and sequence analysis
Methods and compositions for nucleic acid analysis