Bioyoung becomes the fifth certified service provider for Agena's MassArray platform in China and Taiwan.

The deal follows Linkage's launch of a European subsidiary in Geneva.

The firm is pursuing regulatory clearance for multiple tests and is targeting growth in an attractive CLIA market, a move that will require new hires.

The research may lay the groundwork for a noninvasive test for GI or other types of cancer without prior knowledge of which organ is affected.

The increased revenue was driven by growth in the firm's commercial clinical business.

Nucleic acid assays for detecting nucleic acids of Dengue virus serotypes 1-4 derived from 5' NTR
Nucleic acid detection combining amplification with fragmentation
Method of nucleic acid amplification
Solid gel amplification method and apparatus for genotyping and pathogen detection
Hot start reverse transcription by primer design
Device and method for thermal cycling

In PLOS this week: phylogenetic study of hepatitis E viruses in Swedish moose, recombination sites in the honeybee genome, and more.

Differences in DNA methylation could be used to distinguish between DNA samples obtained from identical twins, researchers say.

A retrovirus that's been integrated into the human genome appears to have a role in embryonic development, researchers report.

A report from MIT identifies areas of scientific research where declining research support is hindering needed advances.