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At the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, a Sividon collaborator is scheduled to present a new study including a comparison between EndoPredict and Oncotype DX.

The test is the first in the Dublin, Ireland-based firm's pipeline of infectious disease assays that use loop-mediated isothermal amplification.

The assay runs on the company's fully automated PCR-based Idylla platform and detects various strains of the flu virus and respiratory syncytial virus.

QuanDx will market the HPV test in Europe, where it also markets a CE-marked multiplex test for 30 leukemia fusion genes, called Q-fusion.

In a set of previously evaluated clinical samples, the panel showed good specificity for all targets, with sensitivity for one target equivalent to microscopy. 

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Through a transcriptome study, researchers home in on the activity of inflammation-linked genes in chronically lonely people.

Determining who is and is not an author and where a researcher should fall on a list of authors can be a tricky task, Nature News writes.

In PNAS this week: variant protective against Alzheimer's disease, effect of whole-genome duplication on methylation in rice, and more.

Genome editing is also bringing up questions when applied to farm animals, the New York Times reports.