The suit alleges Bio-Rad fired its former general counsel for pursuing an investigation into bribery committed by the company's employees and agents in China. 

The multiplexed qPCR test can detect and differentiate four Dengue serotypes in a single reaction tube and is designed for both diagnosis and surveillance.

The company also restated its financial results for full-year 2014 and for the third quarter of 2014. 

The TaqMan PCR classifies six types of Trypanosoma cruzi and was validated on a large international set of samples. 

The firm is aiming at in vitro diagnostics, applied markets, and next-generation sequencing sample preparation.

Methods and compositions for DNA fragmentation and tagging by transposases
Helicase dependent isothermal amplification using nicking enzymes
Mutational analysis
Method for amplifying nucleic acids
Compositions, methods and kits for nucleic acid synthesis and amplification
Determination of KIR haplotypes associated with disease