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The method is faster and less expensive than traditional culture methods and was shown to be highly sensitive.

The FilmArray ME Panel is the first nucleic acid amplification test to detect multiple pathogens from a single cerebrospinal fluid sample. 

The Netherlands is expected to be the first country to replace Pap cytology with HPV screening for first-line primary screening for cervical cancer.

The molecular diagnostic test detects Shiga toxin-producing E. coli and the serotype O157 directly from a patient specimen. 

A recent study determined a particular geneset was the best method to normalize RT-qPCR data from a specific model system, with caveats.

Thermal reaction device and method for using the same
Oligonucleotides comprising a label associated through a linker."
Determination of the integrity of RNA
Determination of variants produced upon replication or transcription of nucleic acid sequences
Thermal cycler with vapor chamber for rapid temperature changes
Targeted whole genome amplification method for identification of pathogens

A survey of Cincinnati schoolchildren finds teenagers want to know their genetic predisposition to disease, LiveScience reports.

More and more universities are helping their researchers patent their inventions, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Cancer Research UK unveils seven 'grand challenges' that it will fund researchers to tackle.

In PLOS this week: parent-of-origin effects, framework to uncover clinically important mutations from whole genome sequence data, and more.