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For the 40-target panel, the trial found an overall average weighted sensitivity and specificity of 90 and 99 percent, respectively.

The Belgian manufacturer of software to automate PCR interpretation has also recently received ISO 13485 certification.

Papilloplex, a kit to detect and differentiate all 14 high-risk HPV genotypes, can be used on cervical swabs and urine samples.

Synlab, a European lab services provider, found the test performed well on samples with low bacterial load and non-respiratory samples.

The $4 billion acquisition is now cleared in the US, Germany, Austria, and South Africa. 

Systems and methods for detecting an analyte of interest in a sample using filters and microstructured surfaces
Amplification methods to minimise sequence specific bias
Cooling in a thermal cycler using heat pipes
Direct amplification and detection of viral and bacterial pathogens
Portable systems and methods for amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences
Methods and reagents that specifically detect, distinguish and quantify IFN-λ2 mRNA from IFN-λ3 mRNA in humans

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: ProTraits includes genetic, phenotypic data on bacteria, archaea; Candida albicans assembly 22; and more.

The Wall Street Journal reports that researchers are looking beyond Cas9 for CRISPR editing.

Familial DNA searches in criminal cases are winning over some critics, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Genomics may help the Cavendish banana from succumbing to fungal infections, a trio of researchers writes at the Conversation.