Peter Vallone

Vallone recently authored a review of the field, noting that fully integrated rapid systems have special advantages.

A study of more than 700 samples showed pooling detected 96 percent of the tuberculosis cases found via testing each patient sample individually, with 99 percent overall agreement between the methods.

The latest addition to the firm's qPCR-based Amplidiag line of tests detects H. pylori as well as that pathogen's resistance to clarithromycin.

The company used the proceeds from the financing to repay a $5 million loan. 

Electrochemical clamp assays, developed at the university could expand Xagenic's X1 platform into the liquid biopsy space.

Rapid nucleic acid purification using paper chromatography
Thermal cycling device with phase changing fluids
End modification to prevent over-representation of fragments
Methods for detection and quantitation of small RNAs
Sequence-specific detection of nucleotide sequences
Methods and compositions for DNA fragmentation and tagging by transposases

In Cell this week: biobank of colorectal cancer organoids, ancient wolf genome analysis, and more.

With cloud computing becoming more attractive to researchers, Nature News offers some tips on how to get going.

In a series of articles, medical journals debate the necessity of conflict-of-interest policies.

Irwin Rose, who won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation, has died.

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This online seminar will outline a recent example of the use of molecular barcoding in combination with next-generation sequencing to detect somatic mosaicism in cancer patients.