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Posters described Droplet Digital PCR for oncology, somatic mosaicism detection, and gene editing methods development.

For the quarter ended Sept. 30, Cepheid reported preliminary revenue of approximately $126.5 million, shy of the Wall Street estimate of $127.8 million.

The draft standard, ISO 18385, is intended to prevent contamination of reagents and consumables used for DNA testing in criminal cases.

PowerPlex Fusion 6C system is a 27-locus multiplex assay that combines common and informative loci, including SE33, Penta D, and Penta E.

The method is faster and less expensive than traditional culture methods and was shown to be highly sensitive.

Thermal reaction device and method for using the same
Oligonucleotides comprising a label associated through a linker."
Determination of the integrity of RNA
Determination of variants produced upon replication or transcription of nucleic acid sequences
Thermal cycler with vapor chamber for rapid temperature changes
Targeted whole genome amplification method for identification of pathogens

In PNAS this week: adzuki bean genome, spontaneous mutation patterns in E. coli, and more.

An op-ed in the New York Times discusses banking of fecal samples to restore the gut microbiome.

Rules and regulations governing genetic modifications of human embryos vary from country to country, Nature News says, but such work may take place despite restrictions.

Ancestry.com is eyeing an expansion into genomic risk assessments, the Verge reports.