The company used the proceeds from the financing to repay a $5 million loan. 

Electrochemical clamp assays, developed at the university could expand Xagenic's X1 platform into the liquid biopsy space.

A new study in Nature Chemistry illustrates why PCR, NGS, and microarray firms are interested in incorporating the startup's workflow into their products.

The acquisition expands the firm's specialty clinical diagnostics footprint.

The suit alleges Bio-Rad fired its former general counsel for pursuing an investigation into bribery committed by the company's employees and agents in China. 

Rapid nucleic acid purification using paper chromatography
Thermal cycling device with phase changing fluids
End modification to prevent over-representation of fragments
Methods for detection and quantitation of small RNAs
Sequence-specific detection of nucleotide sequences
Methods and compositions for DNA fragmentation and tagging by transposases

In PNAS this week: spatiotemporal study of lncRNA expression, role of extrachromosomal, circular DNAs in yeast, and more.

A European team has launched a four-year study to develop a test to gauge cervical, ovarian, uterine, or aggressive breast cancer risk in women.

As interest in personalized medicine grows, government contractors are entering the field, the Washington Post reports.

In PLOS this week: Plasmodium knowlesi population genetics, oral microbiome of infants and children, and more.