The new test will also be packaged as a kit for routine diagnosis of HDV RNA and HBV DNA.

The scientists believe they have created a more accurate way to detect mutations that often lead to hereditary colorectal cancer.

The firm has signed Spectron Scientific and Sowa Trading Company to distribute its ICEme mutation enrichment kit in China and Japan, respectively.

Spokespersons from Bio-Rad noted that there appears to be an increasing number of researchers using ddPCR for methylation analyses.

Cell Data Sciences plans to commercialize a technology that uses a chemical catalyst to help remove formaldehyde-associated adducts and crosslinks.

Methods and systems for DNA isolation on a microfluidic device
Ratiometric pre-rRNA analysis
Method for detecting gene modifications by means of asymmetrical PCR and blocking agents
System and method for serial processing of multiple nucleic acid assays
Method of reducing cross-contamination in continuous amplification reactions in a channel
Cartridge for an amplification process

In Science this week: issues in reproducibility, circulating DNA predicts breast cancer relapse, and more.

Because of an autoimmune disorder, a man has been shedding live polioviruses for 28 years, according to an analysis appearing in PLOS Pathogens.

Being in a long-term collaboration can increase researchers' citation rates by 17 percent, a recent analysis says.

By analyzing tweets, Canadian researchers examine the public's view of gene patenting.