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The firm also reported a 46 percent increase in molecular biology sales due to growth in its FilmArray line.

The Chinese firm is also developing a menu of extraction-free molecular diagnostic tests using a proprietary "one-step" reagent.

The Singapore-based firm's Japanese distribution deal for its Clarity PCR system is part of a plan to expand its network in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company said it expects a 1 percent increase in 2016 revenues, but noted that the results were adversely affected by certain competitive pressures in Q4, among other problems.

The method, developed by researchers at MIT, uses a hydrogel to immobilize and separate cells or molecules from each other while still enabling reagent flow.

Systems and methods for detecting an analyte of interest in a sample using filters and microstructured surfaces
Amplification methods to minimise sequence specific bias
Cooling in a thermal cycler using heat pipes
Direct amplification and detection of viral and bacterial pathogens
Portable systems and methods for amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences
Methods and reagents that specifically detect, distinguish and quantify IFN-λ2 mRNA from IFN-λ3 mRNA in humans

Kuwait says it will alter its law requiring citizens and visitors to provide DNA samples, New Scientist reports.

In Science this week: convergent evolution in bird hemoglobin, and more.

The Wall Street Journal speaks with patients affected by questionable test results from Theranos.

Researchers link variants in TACR3 to hot flashes during menopause, Live Science reports.