The startup is looking for a PCR instrument partner for its automated back-end technology for resolving and quantifying multiple nucleic acids from a sample.

More nucleic acid amplification test usage is ultimately good for patients, hospitals, and the MDx industry, according to a maker of the most widely used assay.

The offering raised net proceeds of $6.2 million, which will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes, the firm said. 

The results also suggest the cfDNA assay has high sensitivity and 100 percent specificity, comparable to other technologies being developed for liquid biopsy testing.

Tests in development for the Alere q include HIV, tuberculosis, and Ebola assays, and it will initially be targeted to low-resource settings in the developing world.

Recombinant reverse transcriptases
Digital assays with multiplexed detection of two or more targets in the same optical channel
Droplet-based nucleic acid amplification in a temperature gradient
DNA sequencing and amplification systems using nanoscale field effect sensor arrays
DNA polymerases with improved activity
Localized temperature control for spatial arrays of reaction media

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Researchers link a genetic variation to the ability to quickly process arsenic in people living in the Andes Mountains.

A small portion of pregnant women who've undergone non-invasive prenatal testing have found out from the test that they have cancer.