The method involves expressing long dsRNA in plant chloroplasts to prevent them from being processed into less-effective siRNAs.

Restarting the trial will require the company to raise additional funds before its money runs out this summer.

The drug combines an RNAi payload with an agent designed to stimulate a patient's immune system against their tumors.

The study points to an even greater number of microRNA-producing loci in the human genome, as well as tissue- and species-specific ones.

The disease is characterized by the accumulation of a mutant protein in the liver, leading to fibrosis, cirrhosis, and potentially cancer.

Method for determining the origin of a sample
RNA interference-mediating small RNA molecules
Methods for producing interfering RNA molecules in mammalian cells and therapeutic uses for such molecules
Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of androgen receptor by double-stranded RNA
Individualized cancer therapy
Ribonucleic acid interference molecules of Arabidopsis thaliana

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