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Meanwhile, the Swiss drugs and diagnostics giant is taking a measured approach to the related but nascent microRNA field, exploring partnerships with key miRNA companies and doing a certain amount of research on its own, yet keeping most of its attention focused on RNAi.

IP Update: Oct 1, 2009


USPTO Publishes Five Patents and Twelve Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Among the companies receiving funding were Isis Pharmaceuticals, Aparna Biosciences, Armagen Technologies, Omm Scientific, TekShifa, Optimum Therapeutics, and Effigene Pharmaceuticals.

The patent application — 2003-532675 — is owned by the Max Planck Institute, but is exclusively licensed to miRNA drug developer and Alnylam/Isis joint venture Regulus Therapeutics.

Peterson and colleagues this month reported how they used the small, non-coding RNAs to resolve conflicting theories on the evolution of annelids.

IP Update: Sep 24, 2009


USPTO Published Eight Patents, Five Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Joseph DeSimone, Lin He

Rosetta also said that CEO Amir Avniel intends to step down in order to take the reins of Rosetta’s roughly year-old plant biotechnology unit, Rosetta Green. The disclosures were made as the company reported its second-quarter financial results.

So far this year, Rosetta has found commercialization partners for the diagnostics in the Middle East, Canada, the US, and India.

IP Update: Sep 10, 2009


USPTO Publishes One Patent, Six Patent Applications Related to RNAi


The Washington Post writes that the approval in the US of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine will be up to Peter Marks, a career official at the Food and Drug Administration.

According to ScienceInsider, the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine is planning a study of racism in academic research.

NPR reports the US loan to Eastman Kodak to boost domestic pharmaceutical production is on pause following insider trading allegations.

In Cell this week: blood immune cell changes in COVID-19 patients and spatial transcriptomics in Alzheimer's disease.