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Using small RNA sequencing, comparative genomics, and other approaches, German and American researchers found close ties between miRNA and tissue evolution in animals with bilateral symmetry.

According to the company, the miRNA is linked to a variety of diseases including cancer, fibrosis, and heart disease.

Nikolaus Rajewsky

This month, Weiss presented data suggesting that three microRNAs could be used to identify small-cell lung cancer patients resistant to front-line therapy.

IP Update: Jan 21, 2010


USPTO Publishes Three Patents, Twenty One Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Rosetta plans to use the proceeds for general corporate purposes and to support the development of its microRNA-based diagnostic pipeline.

The microRNA-based molecular diagnostics developer plans to use earnings from the sale of securities for a range of corporate purposes.

Mirna plans to use the money to lay the groundwork for its two lead drug candidates, mimics of miR-34 and an undisclosed miRNA, both of which are involved in down-regulated in cancer.

Daniel Von Hoff, Steven McKnight, Zachary Zimmerman, Eric Olson, Victor Ambros, Michael Bristow, Thomas Cech, Stephanie Dimmeler, Douglas Mann, Jeffery Molkentin

A new study from Johns Hopkins and Rosetta researchers finds the miRview NSCLC test to be effective.


The Washington Post reports on researchers' efforts to determine the effect of an increasingly common SARS-CoV-2 mutation.

Florida Politics reports Florida's law barring life, long-term care, and disability insurers from using genetic information in coverage decisions went into effect at the beginning of July.

A new analysis finds a link between popular media coverage of a scientific study and how often that paper is cited.

In Nature this week: CRISPR approaches to editing plant genomes, way to speed up DNA-PAINT, and more.