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Wendel and colleagues used a short hairpin library screen to identify genes whose knockdown mimicked the effect of microRNA-19, a member of the oncogenic miR-17-92 cluster, in lymphocytes, hypothesizing that this would reveal the genes responsible for the miRNA's activity.

Papers of Note: Mar 4, 2010


RNAi- and microRNA-Related Papers Published February 2010

IP Update: Mar 4, 2010


USPTO Publishes One Patent, Ten Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Febit, ZyGem

The company also reported its financial results for 2009, posting a slight increase in its net loss for the year, which included the impact of operations from its now-discontinued Oncotech unit.

The newest deal will focus on miRNA-122, with hepatitis C infection as the initial indication.

IP Update: Feb 25, 2010


USPTO Publishes Four Patents, Five Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Researchers from Rosetta Genomics, in collaboration with investigators from NYU Langone Medical Center, this week published data in Cancer Research demonstrating that the microRNA could be used as a prognostic biomarker in patients with mesothelioma.

IP Update: Feb 18, 2010


USPTO Publishes Four Patents, Nine Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Concurrent with the move, the new company has also secured an undisclosed amount of seed financing that is expected to enable the new firm to complete planned in vivo proof-of-concept studies.


A coronavirus serology test garners Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration, but the Los Angeles Times asks: how will tests like that be used?

A German shepherd called Nala has had her genome sequenced.

Certain gene variants in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle may keep brains young, according to New Scientist.

In Science this week: increased CD8 T cell density and increased IFN-gamma response may indicate metastatic prostate cancer patients who will respond to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.