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microbiome analysis

The Institute for Genome Sciences expects to start using the new Pacific Biosciences platform by the spring, as well as carry out projects related to the Human Microbiome Project, explore how to build up its computational capabilities through existing clouds, and hire two new faculty members.

Faculty from the University of Maryland Institute for Genome Sciences will work closely with the new enterprise in its study of the interaction between the human body and the microbes that inhabit it.

Michigan State University scientists will use the funding to study gut microbes and the effect they have on diseases.

Researchers from Washington University and elsewhere used Roche 454 sequencing to begin characterizing the viruses found in the feces of dozens of individuals over time.


The New York Times reports on an effort to address in high school biology classes misconceptions regarding race and genetics.

60 Minutes speaks with Harvard's George Church about tackling the effects of aging and more.

In PLOS this week: rare alterations in Timothy syndrome, analysis of twins' gut microbiomes, and more.

GenomeWeb reports that Veritas Genetics is suspending its US operations.