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microbiome analysis

Under the terms of the agreements, Qiagen will make CosmosID's platform available as a plug in, and Trigent will supply Qiagen's software to the FDA.

Researchers examine whether the microbiomes of C-section babies can be restored to resemble those of babies born vaginally.

The results are the first showing that a vaginal delivery microbiome can be partially replicated in C-section babies, though it is yet unclear whether this will impact their health.

In a panel at this week's Personalized Medicine World Conference, executives and researchers discussed moving genomics into the promotion of lifetime health and prevention of disease.

Researchers found that children who have taken macrolide antibiotics have distinctive microbiomes and that some of those changes are persistent.

In PNAS this week: biogeography of the mouth microbiome, ancestry of present-day populations in India, and more.

Researchers update the estimation of how many bacterial cells are found in and on the human body.

The changes that occur to the microbiome upon death may someday be harnessed as a forensic tool.

In PLOS this week: comparative genomic study of Malassezia fungus, effect of statins on gene expression in lungs, and more.

The company will use the funds to design and test new 16S amplicon and sequencing approaches for exploring microbiomes.


New analyses indicate female researchers are publishing less during the coronavirus pandemic than male researchers, according to Nature News.

A study suggests people with the ApoE e4 genotype may be more likely to have severe COVID-19 than those with other genotypes, the Guardian says.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies are searching for a genetic reason for why some people, but not others, become gravely ill with COVID-19, the Detroit Free Press reports.

In PNAS this week: forward genetics-base analysis of retinal development, interactions of T cell receptors with neoantigens in colorectal cancer, and more.