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microbiome analysis

In Nature this week: tooth enamel origins, new blood pressure-linked loci, and more.

By sequencing airborne bacterial samples, University of Oregon researchers have found that people emit a personalized microbial cloud.

Wired's Sarah Zhang expresses frustration as a microbiome study of homes uncovers expected bacteria.

Weight-loss surgeries affect patients' gut microbiomes, according to a team of Swedish researchers.

Cornell's Christopher Mason and his colleagues correct their New York City microbiome study to emphasize "the difference between matching fragments of DNA from a species and a pathogen."

The oral and gut microbiomes of people with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from dysbiosis, which is partially normalized after treatment, according to metagenomic studies.

In PLOS this week: oral microbiomes of dogs and their owners, Plasmodium vivax population structure, and more.

The agency aims to fund between four and six projects exploring functional interactions between the human gut microbiome and host interactions in disease and nutrition.

Host genetics appear to have little effect on the contents of the nasal microbiome, but the bacterial community seems to influence whether Staphylococcus aureus is also present.

In PLOS this week: Plasmodium knowlesi population genetics, oral microbiome of infants and children, and more.


New research shows that scientists need to do a better job of including a wider diversity of African genomes in their analyses, STAT says.

A new paper in Science shows that men are still winning a large majority of the most sought-after NIH grants.

Nature Research and the Estée Lauder Companies are awarding efforts to encourage girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

In Science this week: beneficial genetic variants inherited from archaic Neanderthal and Denisovan hominins, and more.