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microbiome analysis

Unseen Bugs of the T

Harvard researchers find mostly skin bacteria on Boston subway trains and platforms.

In Science this week: proof-reading reverse transcriptase, call for integration of engineering and physical sciences with biomedical science, and more.

MetaSUB researchers will sample high-traffic areas across subway systems, buses, and parks in cities such as New York, San, Francisco, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and London.

The partners are charging an introductory price of $299 for the kit which includes sample collection, storage, DNA prep, sequencing, and analysis.

In Cell this week: essential Bacillus subtilis genes, human skin microbiome stability, and more.

Double helix sculpture at CSHL

Researchers found that a parasitic amoeba influences its the composition and diversity of the gut microbiomes of rural Cameroonians.

The team found more than a dozen microbe and gene associations that indicate heritability of certain traits in the gut microbiome.

The metagenomic analysis of a dozen individuals further revealed they each had a unique microbial signature that was highly specific to each of them.

Supported by a $1.5 million grant from NASA, the project aims to characterize microbes in the crew and enclosed environment of the space station.

A pair of Science studies reports that antibiotics, diet, gender, and age can influence the composition of the gut microbiome to varying degrees.


23andMe has a holiday popup shop at a mall and could open additional stores, Bloomberg reports.

By studying koalas and a retrovirus that infects them, researchers may have uncovered a new sort of 'immune response' that occurs at the genomic level, Agence France Presse reports.

NPR reports that the first person in the US given a gene editing-based therapy for a genetic disorder is heading home.

In Science this week: ancient genomes reveal social inequality within individual households, new method for quantifying genetic variation in gene dosage, and more.