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In the first joint sale announced since their $5.5 million legal settlement, Genomic Solutions and PerkinElmer announced they had sold the GeneTac biochip system to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.

Luminex has inked its twenty-ninth strategic partnership for its LabMap bead array technology, signing a licensing deal with Research & Diagnostics Systems, a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in assays for cytokines and related molecules.

From their basement microarray labs in Newark, NJ, researchers Peter Tolias and Michael Recce are planning to revolutionize the way microarray customers deal with their suppliers.

Affymetrix reduced its revenue expectations sharply for the second quarter, saying that both sales of GeneChip products and do-it-yourself arraying equipment have slowed significantly in recent months.

Ciphergen and Applied Biosystems Offer ProteinChips for Mass Spectrometers

Packard Bioscience of Meriden, Conn. has launched its SpotArray microarray production system. The system uses Packard’s non-contact piezoelectric method for printing microarrays.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Medicine at University of Rochester’s Aab Institute of Biomedicine.

Genicon Sciences, a San Diego company that has developed a light-based technology to detect biological interactions on microarrays, has completed $32 million in a round of private financing.

PATENT WATCH: Jun 8, 2001


Incyte Confident About Affymetrix Suit After May Rulings Nanogen Awarded Two Patents For Microarrays Genomic Solutions Awarded Automated Hybridization Patent

Call them the microarray boutiques. A number of smaller companies are foregoing the genome-on-a-chip idea in favor of low-density arrays with selected sets of genes involved in specific metabolic pathways.


Nature News reports that genomics is being applied to trace and try to prevent additional COVID-19 waves.

Rady's Children Hospital and San Diego County are teaming up to test pediatric patients and their families for COVID-19 to gauge the spread of the virus locally, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Wildlife managers aim to boost the genetic diversity of Mexican gray wolves by placing captive-born foster pups into packs with similarly aged wild pups, the Mercury News reports.

In Science this week: Genetic Probability tool identifies likely diagnoses in 45 percent of inflammatory arthritis cases, and more.