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A working group of bioinformatics experts organized to devise a standardized computer format for transferring and archiving microarray data has sent its initial draft to the Object Management Group, a non-profit consortium that sets independent software standards.

Corning and microarray software developer BioDiscovery have signed an agreement to co-market Corning s gene arrays and Bio-Discovery s array imaging software, and make BioDiscovery s software compatible with Corning arrays, the companies said.

In microarraying as in diplomacy, protocol is everything.

Following what has become a trend in the life sciences tools sector, Genomic Solutions has warned that its second-quarter revenues would be lower than initially forecast, due to customers postponement of orders and an overall weakness in the economy.

In signing a 15-year development and marketing deal, Roche Diagnostics and biochip startup CombiMatrix are betting that semiconductor chips will prove as useful for DNA and protein expression analysis as they are for the computer industry.

Until recently, Incyte s microarray division positioned itself firmly in the content and service business. The company provided patented and proprietary gene content from its databases for other companies to spot down on microarrays, and also performed in-house microarraying for researchers.

Large Scale Biology has appointed Professor David Baulcombe of the Sainsbury Laboratory, in Norwich, UK, to its scientific advisory board.

Integriderm, of Huntsville, Alabama, together with its partner Invitrogen, has launched PharmArray, a new microarray with genes specifically selected for toxicology and pharmacology research on ADME (absorption, distribution, m

AT A GLANCE Received his master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1990 from Manhattan College. Formerly designed radar systems for tracking aircraft and missile guidance.

Illumina and GlaxoSmithKline have signed an agreement in which Illumina will use its BeadArray technology to determine the frequency of specific SNPs in a set of samples that Glaxo provides.


The Hastings Center's Erik Parens argues in a Scientific American opinion piece that the current pandemic underscores the need to reconsider the hope placed in genomic medicine. 

The Los Angeles Times writes that Operation Warp Speed has an ambitious timeline for developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia is launching its trial of preconception carrier testing Tuesday.

In PNAS this week: autosomal genes commonly affected by loss-of-function variants, variants implicated in testis development disorders, and more.