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Dutch microarray startup PamGene has signed a four-year agreement to develop microarray-based assays for agrobiotechnology, in collaboration with Plant Research International, a Wageningen, Netherlands-based plant genetics research facility, and separation technology maker Whatman.

When Affymetrix began making microarrays in the early 1990s, founder Steve Fodor and his early collaborators cobbled together their manufacturing machinery from chemistry lab instruments and used semiconductor fabrication equipment they bought at auctions.

PATENT WATCH: Aug 24, 2001


Quantum Dot of Palo Alto, Calif., has been awarded US Patent Number 6,274,323, “Method of detecting an analyte in a sample using semiconductor nanocrystals as a detectable label.” The patent describes the use of semiconductor nanocrystals as

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech unveiled its new Lucidea Array Spotter at the Northwest Microarray Conference in Seattle last week.

Rod Wing


Genetix, of New Milton, UK, has appointed Rod Wing, director of the Clemson University Genomics Institute in Clemson, SC, to its scientific advisory board.

Received his PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Arizona in 1988.
Completed postdoctoral Bantrell Fellowship in the division of geology and planetary sciences, California Institute of Technology

When University of Idaho biologist Kristen Carlberg wanted to study the effect of oxidative stress on budgerigar, or parakeet, genes in comparison to Japanese quail genes, she couldn t call up Affymetrix and order some prefabricated GeneChips for overnight delivery. Nobody has microarrays made with budgerigar genes, Carlberg said in a presentation to the second annual Northwest Microarray Conference in Seattle.

Microarray researchers from 15 countries flocked to Seattle s Pier 66 last week to discuss applications, analysis, and technological aspects of DNA and protein chips at the second annual Northwest Microarray Conference.

When Merck announced it was acquiring Rosetta Inpharmatics in May, some users of the Kirkland, Wash., company s Rosetta Resolver microarray data analysis software began wondering out loud what would happen to support and upgrades for this product.

Responding to customers dissatisfaction with its existing data analysis methods, Affymetrix will introduce a new, improved algorithm for analysis of GeneChip arrays by the end of the year, said Tarif Awad of Affymetrix s genomics collaborations group, speaking at the second annual Northwest Microarray Conference in Seattle last week.


The US has sent its formal notice of withdrawal from the World Health Organization, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Science reports that a draft spending bill would increase the US National Institutes of Health budget by 13 percent.

The Harvard Crimson reports that Harvard and MIT are suing the Department of Homeland Security and ICE over the new international student visa policy.

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: algorithm to determine molecular sequence types and other microbial features, computational method to uncover R-loop structures, and more.