Microarrays & Multiplexing

Women whose 21-SNP panel result indicated they were at high risk of obesity were less likely to respond to exercise by losing weight or body fat.

Researchers identified low-frequency lung cancer risk variants through a three-stage association involving nearly 13,000 Chinese individuals.

The company attributed the revenue growth to the strong performance of its genotyping and reproductive health business.

Arrayit also alleged that the actions of an investor suing the company threatens a company contract with the US Department of Agriculture.

While it may be dominating the market in terms of sales, some industry observers believe that AncestryDNA has work to do before it can challenge the quality of services offered by its rivals.

Methods for selecting and amplifying polynucleotides
Using oligonucleotide microarrays to analyze genomic differences for the prediction of heterosis
Multiplex branched-chain DNA assays
Compositions comprising oriented, immobilized macromolecules and methods for their preparation
Multiplex targeted amplification using flap nuclease
Oligonucleotide array for tissue typing