Microarrays & Multiplexing

The firm is predicting a return to growth in its genotyping business later this year as it targets the single-cell analysis market with its eBioscience business.

A study involving more than 4,000 Huntington's disease cases led to variants on chromosomes 15 and 8 with ties to the age at which symptoms appear.

The firm posted revenues of $89 million driven by genetic analysis and product revenues, beating Wall Street estimates despite negative currency effects.

The firm will withdraw its planned IPO after being told that it would have to take a 30 to 40 percent discount to its valuation, its CEO said. 

The lab has partnered with both WaferGen and Fluidigm to improve throughput for the barcode sequencing protocol it has developed for transcriptome profiling.

Methods for detection and quantification of nucleic acid or protein targets in a sample
Detection of amplification products
Nanonozzle device arrays: their preparation and use for macromolecular analysis
Arrays and methods of use
Method for detecting single nucleotide polymorphism in nucleic acid
Methods and compositions for extraction and storage of nucleic acids